Rose Gold

I'm currently at home, about to paint my nails with a serious clear coat and then hop into the shower to prepare for my meeting with Elite tomorrow. What an amazing time New York fashion week has been. Although, I did not walk this season, I already miss going on all the castings, meeting other models and simply "dipping my toes" into the industry of fashion. So, I haven't touched my eyebrows and I'm still in the making as a model but, on my own time, I do enjoy taking pictures and of course publishing a fraction of everything I do to the internet.

While I was out and about in the city, I did a little shopping and found this gorgeous rose gold choker at H&M which happens to be the source of this look. I went for radiant, polished skin, glossy lips, metallic eye shadow, highlight and finished off with several coats of mascara.


Natalia Arson Voider

In my real day to day life, I do the most in every situation. I'm not silent about my thoughts or feelings. I'm not opposed to standing up for myself just because I'm "by" myself. I believe in cussing, expression, racism, sexism, agism, fuck boys and type basic becky bitches with the good hair. And I love my Dad. I'm impatient. I'm irrational. I'm bitchy. I'm queen bitch. If I like your style, you'll know. I block niggas. I'm petty, immature, childish, dumb, I know. I elicit strong emotions in people. I meet people. I open up my big mouth and I say something extremely unusual or controversial and then expect people to move on and get over it as fast as I do. I know people. Some people. I understand people. I look people in the eye. I have nothing to hide. I think about people. I do not accept apologies nor do I believe in forgiveness. People are always their authentic and organic selves with me as I am with them. You have bullied me, obsessed over me, threatened me, harassed me, assaulted me and assassinated my character. I refer to you as "idiot," I judge you, cry over you, laugh at you, question you, I really do because you're a fascinating creature, hesitant of trying something new. You're unstimulated by the truth. You're unmoved. You're unfaithful. You don't want to talk to me. You don't want to talk. You want to fight. You want any reason to fight. You want to deny, erase, and confine me. I'm crazy. I accept me. I love me. I love a stylish gentleman who dominates the relationship because I allow it. I love class. I love the opposite of ratchet. I'm not your wife, though. I'm not your anything, though. You can't have me, half me or whole me. Goodbye. I don't mind leaving. I don't mind moving on. I don't mind you. I don't wait for, on, or by you. I changed my number. It's 2017. I'm disobedient or brainwashed. I can't stand your entitlement. And shit. And bullshit. And drama. And fuckshit, gang shit, rap shit, hood shit, cute shit. I'm amazing, nervous, inquisitive, understanding, kind, strong, personal, controversial, sensitive, genuine, dramatic, silly. I'm regular, plain ol', boring ol', lame ol', good ol' having ass bitch and I'm graceful in my grow up, glow up, bitch. And I'm happy, bitch. I'm excited, I'm missed, appreciated, swept off my feet, in love, bitch. I get nervous when I don't like it, I get nervous when I do like it. I get nervous a lot. I'm really in tune with my nervous system. I still don't like wearing my natural hair. I know me. I know what I like, I know what I need, I know what I'm feeling and I know what my favorite color is. And, I get butterflies that nobody ever knows about. We're not on the same page. You're the one I'll never have and I'm the one who got away.

— Talia


Apricot Makeup

I posted this makeup on my Instagram and although I wasn't asked about what I used, I'm blogging an entry incase I personally forget or want to recreate it. I don't know why it seems like everything is my go-to a lot lately but, whatever. My thought process is that I've found my new favorite makeup look for when everything else is disheveled and imperfect. In other words, I don't feel like keeping it all on point 24/7 so, I'm overcompensating in the department of cosmetics. The products I use are full proof but, it's the technique I've become accustom to that has worked every time and I get compliments too, which is always nice! Alright, contrary to the renowned highlight, I go for a matte foundation finish along with a matte cheek color. It sounds a little boring but then, I use highlight on the tip of the nose and I dab diamond powder in the tear duct area for fun! I shape the brows, apply full body feline lashes and finish the look with a pouty lip. That's it. Shame shame shame.


Face Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation 120 Classic Ivory | No 7 Translucent Perfect Light Pressed Powder
Cheeks Wet N Wild ColorIcon Blush 326B Rosé Champagne
Highlight NYX Roll-on Eye Shimmer Platinum
Eyes NYX Nude Matte Shadow 16 Dance The Tides | Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder White Gold 2
Lips Kiss New York Professional Luxury Intense Lip Liner Rosy Nude
Lashes Kiss Hollywood 02 KPE37 Lashes | Ardell Demi Luvies Black

Red Lips

For now, the best damn red lipstick and my "go-to" is Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain 01 Always Red. I don't know what it is about red lips that sets me off. I'm either offended or intrigued, especially when I see other girls wearing it because I'm looking to see how well they applied it and if I can rock it, too. It's silly how I think and it's totally necessary to mention which product I'm using. I paired the color with a flawless foundation, defined brows, lashes and of course, style. That's basically it. I'm sitting on the sofa in my apartment, boiling angel hair pasta because I have to consume tomato paste to help promote radiant, glowing skin. I'm trying to keep my environment normal for I actually have wonderful opportunities coming up and I'm preparing myself for the transition (or not transition.) At the same time, I do want to stay in touch with my own passions and remain humble to never lose sight of the things I love. After I finish writing for this entry, I'm going to check my Instagram and watch more of That 70's Show with my pasta in hand. Oh! I should definitely text my sister, too.

— Talia



I'm currently in bed, thinking about my website and delicious Italian food from Master Pizza in which I will be ordering later today! My body low-key resents me for overworking so, I'm treating myself. Shh. I really haven't blogged much about the makeup products I've been using since I've taken a social media hiatus but, I wanted to get a last minute entry done before I delete all the photos in my phone for Spring cleaning.

Makeup Per usual, I opt for warm tone makeup. I like wearing a sienna color on my eyes and lips while keeping the skin perfected, glowing and highlighted. I don't think too much about my brows but, I do keep them polished and I always love a good set of false lashes to finish with.

Style I prefer wearing my hair like this, out of my face because my natural hair is very demanding (distracting) and I feel that it takes away from my style. Another way I like to enhance my look is through accessorizing and of course, confidence. Funnily enough, I was doing research on Sun in Gemini / Moon in Scorpio signs and I learned that my personality is very empathetic and magnetic. I do use these characteristics to the advantage of my outer appearance. I like the intrigue and I also find myself attracted to those with the same concept in good taste. Overall, this particular hairstyle, in which I do for the majority of the time, and my love of sienna makeup is here to stay for the long haul. Or, at least, until I find a new signature look.


Eye makeup, Kiss Professionals Single Eyeshadow Insomnia; Highlight, NYX Roll-On Shimmer 12 Platinum; Glitter, Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder White Gold 2; Cheeks, NYX Roll-On Shimmer 14 Salmon; Lips, Revlon ColorStay Lipliner Sienna

Grey Tones

I love Instagram, where I generally keep the classic black and white theme, I recently get a sprout of inspiration to the liking of shadows and rich grey tones. Focusing in on my strength for flat lays, day to day life in the city and of course food, here's my compilation of a few original iPhone snaps. 


The Original

Metallic choker, H&M; bib crop top, Charolette Russe; lux black faux fur coat, Etosell; ultra-control seamless briefs, Khols; self distressed skinny jeans, American Bazi; willow-2 stiletto high heel ankle strap sandal, Glaze


Hi! I've been hanging out in my bedroom a lot because, for some reason, it's extremely cold in other parts of my studio. I even moved my futon in here. I'm currently sitting on my stump chair with the computer in my lap but, I'm actually typing this entry on my phone. It's weird, staying in only a fraction of my apartment has confined me to the space where most of my clothing exists and now I'm getting personally messy with my wardrobe. Everything is on the floor while vomiting off the futon in an all black waterfall. Yeah, I've taken to black again. It's just too easy and I think I've made my signature in this shade because people tend to think it's my favorite color, in fact, they wear it to try impressing me. No matter what is said or done, I will always enjoy a good black outfit even though it's one of the hardest things to blog about. Also, I'm excommunicating until January but, I'll be on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (IsItOrganicTho). 

 — Talia


Talia Voider

Red velvet choker, Unica; off-shoulder top, Rainbow Shops; skinny jeans and boots, H&M


Hi! I know right, this look is very Talia Voider. It's around 3AM but, I'm still up, (watching The Office on Netflix) thinking about my blog and how scarce it's been as the holiday seasons roll on. Aside from my New York City affairs, I'm finally getting free time in my beautiful neighborhood to do a little local shopping and home-editing. I'm almost always on the lookout for simple street clothes, amazing accessories and, of course, makeup! Speaking of, I'm particularly compelled with browsing around in beauty stores, where I find my favorite jewelry in which my fashion appears luxe but, I think it comes down to the quality of styling and investing in basic-temporary pieces. This devious choker, for example, makes up the entire outfit and it was only $2.99. All the more reason to fall head over heels for red.

— Talia


Eye makeup, Kiss Professionals Single Eyeshadow Insomnia


Add Color

Long t-shirt, skinny jeans, boots, handbag and choker, H&M


I just ordered food from my favorite local Italian kitchen - should be here in about 45 minutes so, that gives me enough time to blog about my new love for 'bold and bright.' Sometimes, I'll get into a new way of styling and I'll forget about some of the outfit habits I really enjoyed before I found something better. In this case, long t-shirts, skinny jeans and boots; my go-to for one summer and now I'm feeling it all over again. What makes it more exciting this time around is my obsession for chokers and I suppose my more advanced skills in makeup. Along with my new found attraction for color, I'd say this is one outfit to remember.

Oh! And I wore this look to the Wendy Williams show, although, I paired it with my black (faux) fur coat. It is Autumn, after all.

— Talia


Dark plum purple luxury intense lip liner, Kiss New York Professional

Home Styling

Lace detail bralette, loose camisole and leather skirt, H&M; lux white faux fur coat, Etosell; jonas-04 boots, Bamboo; lace choker paired with suede wrap around necklace, Unica


Hi! I'm currently in my boy shorts, writing from home while organic blueberry yogurt pancakes are frying on the stove.

I was thinking about how I wanted to discuss this outfit as I came up with it while playing dress up yesterday morning. I didn't know what to wear; I was going through my closet - a huge mess of black ended up on the bedroom floor - I walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and this happened. I was like, "Yes! Yes. Kardashian, bitch. Tumblr gods." I've been inspired to wear textures on textures. I like to be overdone and interesting yet, consistent and together. Not sure if it's the season or if I'm progressing up the fashion chain but this is definitely one of my favorite outfits of the day.

Time to eat and watch American Horror Story, Roanoke.

— Talia