Talia Voider

Red velvet choker, Unica; off-shoulder top, Rainbow Shops; skinny jeans and boots, H&M


Hi! I know right, this look is very Talia Voider. It's around 3AM but, I'm still up, (watching The Office on Netflix) thinking about my blog and how scarce it's been as the holiday seasons roll on. Aside from my New York City affairs, I'm finally getting free time in my beautiful neighborhood to do a little local shopping and home-editing. I'm almost always on the lookout for simple street clothes, amazing accessories and, of course, makeup! Speaking of, I'm particularly compelled with browsing around in beauty stores, where I find my favorite jewelry in which my fashion appears luxe but, I think it comes down to the quality of styling and investing in basic-temporary pieces. This devious choker, for example, makes up the entire outfit and it was only $2.99. All the more reason to fall head over heels for red.

— Talia


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