Add Color

Long t-shirt, skinny jeans, boots, handbag and choker, H&M


I just ordered food from my favorite local Italian kitchen - should be here in about 45 minutes so, that gives me enough time to blog about my new love for 'bold and bright.' Sometimes, I'll get into a new way of styling and I'll forget about some of the outfit habits I really enjoyed before I found something better. In this case, long t-shirts, skinny jeans and boots; my go-to for one summer and now I'm feeling it all over again. What makes it more exciting this time around is my obsession for chokers and I suppose my more advanced skills in makeup. Along with my new found attraction for color, I'd say this is one outfit to remember.

Oh! And I wore this look to the Wendy Williams show, although, I paired it with my black (faux) fur coat. It is Autumn, after all.

— Talia


Dark plum purple luxury intense lip liner, Kiss New York Professional