The Original

Metallic choker, H&M; bib crop top, Charolette Russe; lux black faux fur coat, Etosell; ultra-control seamless briefs, Khols; self distressed skinny jeans, American Bazi; willow-2 stiletto high heel ankle strap sandal, Glaze


Hi! I've been hanging out in my bedroom a lot because, for some reason, it's extremely cold in other parts of my studio. I even moved my futon in here. I'm currently sitting on my stump chair with the computer in my lap but, I'm actually typing this entry on my phone. It's weird, staying in only a fraction of my apartment has confined me to the space where most of my clothing exists and now I'm getting personally messy with my wardrobe. Everything is on the floor while vomiting off the futon in an all black waterfall. Yeah, I've taken to black again. It's just too easy and I think I've made my signature in this shade because people tend to think it's my favorite color, in fact, they wear it to try impressing me. No matter what is said or done, I will always enjoy a good black outfit even though it's one of the hardest things to blog about. Also, I'm excommunicating until January but, I'll be on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (IsItOrganicTho). 

 — Talia