I'm currently in bed, thinking about my website and delicious Italian food from Master Pizza in which I will be ordering later today! My body low-key resents me for overworking so, I'm treating myself. Shh. I really haven't blogged much about the makeup products I've been using since I've taken a social media hiatus but, I wanted to get a last minute entry done before I delete all the photos in my phone for Spring cleaning.

Makeup Per usual, I opt for warm tone makeup. I like wearing a sienna color on my eyes and lips while keeping the skin perfected, glowing and highlighted. I don't think too much about my brows but, I do keep them polished and I always love a good set of false lashes to finish with.

Style I prefer wearing my hair like this, out of my face because my natural hair is very demanding (distracting) and I feel that it takes away from my style. Another way I like to enhance my look is through accessorizing and of course, confidence. Funnily enough, I was doing research on Sun in Gemini / Moon in Scorpio signs and I learned that my personality is very empathetic and magnetic. I do use these characteristics to the advantage of my outer appearance. I like the intrigue and I also find myself attracted to those with the same concept in good taste. Overall, this particular hairstyle, in which I do for the majority of the time, and my love of sienna makeup is here to stay for the long haul. Or, at least, until I find a new signature look.


Eye makeup, Kiss Professionals Single Eyeshadow Insomnia; Highlight, NYX Roll-On Shimmer 12 Platinum; Glitter, Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder White Gold 2; Cheeks, NYX Roll-On Shimmer 14 Salmon; Lips, Revlon ColorStay Lipliner Sienna