What's my ideal date?

Random questions from my Tumblr and Ask.fm inbox!

To be honest...


Who’s your crush at the moment?
I would have to say that my crush at the moment is Nina Dobrev. I've been watching a lot of Vampire Diaries!

Do you have friends?
Not anywhere near me. Most of them are in Georgia! I'm only here on business.

What would be your ideal date?
It doesn't matter where we go as long as there's good food and mentally stimulating conversation. 

What exactly do you look for in a friend? (I want to get to know you personally. I’m interested in really understanding you and getting close to you. I don’t know. You seem different. I like you!)
I look for people who can be 100% honest with me and 100% themselves at all times. I ask a lot of questions. I try to study others. I always look for the absolute and radical truth or I’m out.


Do you think you're sexy?
No, and I’m immediately turned off by people who call me “sexy” unless I’m attracted to them.

Has anyone ever called you fat?
I'm not sure but, I would probably find it funny. My body image is influenced by my own thoughts not everyone else's.

Do you live alone?
I live alone but, I want a male Gemini roommate!

How long did your best relationship last?
From 1994 to present, it’s the relationship I have with my sisters. Family is most important to me.


Favorite clothing store?
I love to shop!

Single or taken?
I'd rather not say. 

Who is your style inspired by?
My style is mainly inspired by Instagram.

What do you think of cheaters?
I think there’s a balance to everything. I’ve never been cheated on but, I already know how I would handle it.  

Miss / like anyone you can’t have?
No and I can have whoever I want. One guy took offense to me saying that. He said I appear to be full of myself and that I could never have him. To which I replied, "That's because I don't -want- you." Point made, I wanted someone else at the time. 


You were home schooled right? How did that work out for you?
Yes, I was home schooled. Education is education no matter how it's obtained. It was school. It was hard work, what, with me being randomly artistic and abstract minded. Mum was my teacher. Sisters were my classmates. I finished but, I was totally unappreciative of school.

What do you do?
Think Shay Mitchell or Zendaya. 

What kind of music do you listen to?
If it sounds good, I'm listening! 


— Talia