Beauty Tips: Self Clarity

Beauty Tips: Self Clarity


This is a lifestyle update because it’s actually working for me so, maybe it’s worth sharing. Here are my tips on how to be beautiful.

Zodiac Signs

I’m a Gemini Sun, Gemini Ascendant and Scorpio Moon. But. I came across this website that gave me a ton of data on alllll the zodiac signs I consist of and it’s called a “natal chart.” What the fuck? Like, reading up on my birth, in depth, made everything click for me. I get it. I understand better why I do and (especially) say the things I’m really about. Learning what the stars tell is a way to re-focus and nurture.


No Deodorant Necessary

I stopped wearing that shit. There’s a lot of this and that about what to switch to and consume and put on the body but deodorizing with all these fragranced products that mean nothing if a bitch is just fucking smelly, is gross. Take a shower and wear good perfume. Baby wipes are nice too!


Lip Gloss

I remember one girl telling me that lipgloss is such an American thing. Lip gloss is for everyone, though. It’s young and rejuvenating and like... to be honest, I’ve seen a lot of ratchet girls wearing it and I never understood the deal. I like ratchet but I think because I got so caught up in makeup and lip colors, I forgot that a simple gloss is beautiful. I use Kiss Professionals Mirror Shine Lip Gloss.


“Go fuck yourself”

I’m really sharp tongued when people don’t know how to treat me the way I “deserve.” This is my go to phrase because no matter what the response is, I’m always going to feel like everybody can literally leave me alone and I won’t think twice about them! You have to stay in my tunnel vision and keep up with my work to have my attention. And no matter how cool somebody may seem or how attractive they are, I’m not afraid to push them away by doing and saying exactly what I feel. But, it has to make sense! See, that’s the kicker. I do pay attention, understand and think everything through. I don’t go off on the deep end with no intent to swim. If I’m crazy or seemingly reckless, I MEAN it. If I leave something behind, I planned it. It all pertains to the issue at hand...Don’t go and murder a cat because you’re angry. Keep the people who are involved, involved and don’t wait to address a situation. Handle it as soon as it happens, right then and there so there’s no room for revenge, prolonged drama and honestly, disease on going out and enjoying life no matter who’s around or watching!



I’m pretty on top of my online content, unfollowing people, posting original photos, updating my feed, making sure everything is RELEVANT and more importantly, accurate. Not that it has to be some social media ho shit but, the info is whack if it’s old. Like, I get annoyed when people give me their Instagram and they haven’t posted in weeks. That’s pointless and I’m not following you. Don’t have photos, entries, status updates and fuck shit that is completely unrelated to what you are now and where you are going. Be present and clear, always. Don’t give off the wrong impression! If you’re single, don’t pretend you have someone. Be real. Having fake beef is stupid.



I’m sure Kim is annoyed at half my audio messages because I’m literally smacking gum in all of them. Having fresh breath is important and sexy. Yes, brush your teeth but, have some gum or a breath mint, too, my GOD oral hygiene is everything.

Converse or Vans

Because they go with EVERYTHING and look good on everybody and work for every occasion and people honestly don’t give or a fuck or judge. It’s cool.


I’m sorry and goodbye

I literally made the mistake of giving out my personal number since I moved to NY whereas before I would NEVER do that. Having been blocked by a few people and while also being highly attended to by others, I’m seeing my real tastes again. I realized that previous people in my life were letting me get away with too much irrational “of the moment” behavior that I forgot how to be calm and graceful. I forgot about me and I was trying to be impressive even when they were messy... It didn’t last. It never does. Getting back to the grind, I changed my number.

— Talia


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