Ivy League

If one really thinks they’ll have their shit together, outfits picked out, hair did, and hydration on point, then I hate to be that girl who says otherwise even though it sounds contradicting to my style standards. I think now is the time to be cute and throw on the layers to “slay” but once the wind starts getting sharp and the temperature drops, wearing whatever is necessary to stay warm will be the only priority where any sense in fashion will come second next to a face covered in vaseline.

My focus is to have good nail care, a few lip colors and some signature accessories.


Jewelry is earrings, hoops or teardrops. Maybe a ring if I can find a new one. I’m so over having to replace my rings every other few weeks - I stopped wearing them. I’m ready for a real one. One that doesn’t fade or prompt me having to take it off to wash my hands. And I have a feeling it’ll be gold!


For lip colors, I’d say red forever but, I recently went out with a black lip and killed it so, as long as it’s bold, I’m good. And plenty of lipgloss or chapstick on a “day off.”


Faux fur pieces are a yes! I don’t know why I’m attracted to such but I always tend to have something fluffy around, if not on me then on my bed - I like the warmth and softness it brings to any situation, outfit or look. Even though the pieces I have are dark, I’ve seen neon colors that I’d be happy to get my hands on this winter. 


If I’m wearing all black, like the rest of New York(ers), I want to pair it with a good makeup look, whatever that means; I’ll do the eyes or lips or a simple bronzer, something to bring life to the face because a lot of black with the harshness of the cold can make a girl look dead. Not here for it.


A pet peeve of mine is people who do not take care of themselves (in general) but lack basic cuticle care. Not saying to do what I do but owning a pair of fingernail clippers goes a long way. The clear coat is a stretch but makes a difference. And I like a dark nail though, I’ll go clean, quick and polished, too.

Also, lots of N e t f l i x!

— Talia