Comfort & Happy Distractions (Creative’s Edition)

Instagram is a good intro to all of my work and the basics on knowing me in what I’m up to.

 See? Back to food styling!  Happily  vegan.

See? Back to food styling! Happily vegan.

My youtube channel (just “did some shopping yesterday”) is day to day, personal, beauty and lifestyle videos. Real basic at-home-girly-things which I have missed doing and am proud to be back at.


My followers on twitter share a lot of my opinions, love, advice and friendships. I really do have a lot on my mind; those who are paying attention get to see how I feel even if it’s just of the moment.


Snapchat is completely unfiltered, unedited selfies, fun filters to no makeup selfies, and just my face in the city with backdrops of the subway, beautiful buildings, restaurants and stores.

And last, facebook friends get the more official news. It’s also public so, we don’t have to be “friends.” 

— Talia