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Get me away from these department stores, psych. Come with me? I held myself captive (doesn’t even make sense) for 3 hours, acting a fool; listening to my soundcloud, neglecting my text messages, looking at skincare, cosmetics and shoes. I think it was 4 hours, now I don’t know. It started because I’m running low on my favorite lipgloss - it’s dry and frigid right now, crusty lips are a major no. Plus, I wanted to try something new. I bought charcoal nose strips; I noticed that I have not needed to exfoliate my skin since I started using anti-aging products so the pores needed some care today. I purchased a night cream to pair with my current regime and oils. Then thongs, pajamas, tights, sports shoes, some earrings and of course, makeup. So, uh here’s to stimulating the economy! Oh, wait, I keep my receipts so, I may return or exchange depending on the day... and my mood. I made a video swatching (trying on, actually) all of the lip colors; posted on my Instagram but, the details and my true thoughts are below.

Jasmine La Belle Cosmetics Ultra Glaze Brilliant Shine Lipgloss Edition 

 Icicle, Raisin, Posie, Goldie, Icon

Icicle, Raisin, Posie, Goldie, Icon

Icicle This looks the most like a “glaze.” It’s pretty if I’m using one coat and expected to touch up every hour, on the hour. Out of all the glosses, I’d choose this one last just because I think it’s the least flattering on me.

Raisin Love the color. Hate the name. Bite me.

Posie Fuck if I’m Barbie or not, this is “just girly things” if I do say so myself. I could wear this every day. And so could the All-American-White-Girl which is why this one would be in second place to my absolute favorite of the glosses in this set. Sorry.

Goldie My favorite. To be honest, I pre-swatched this after eating dinner but I took off the product guard to maximize the effect. I love it. I’m using this every day. The glitter is everything, the tone is warm and it’s like, holiday ready.

Icon Tried it. It’s literally a neon version of my natural lip color so whatever that is, this lipgloss is the enhancer. But, it’s similar to the other. 

— Talia

 Courtesy of Burlington

Courtesy of Burlington

P.S. sweater by Saks Fifth Avenue Folio Collection; earrings by Forever21