Post Note (What’s In My Bag)

I switched from a tote to a cross shoulder from DSW - I don’t need a lot to get the day going and to be productive; even when I take pictures on location, I‘ll just carry my tripod by itself along with what’s in my little Madden Girl bag:


I have a portable charger. It’s good because I’m available and working and active on social media. Throughout the day, I take pictures with my phone, I write in my notes, always on maps and my battery is like “wow wtf.” Even when I don’t post on Instagram, I’m on Twitter or Snapchat, doing s o m e t h i n g with my phone. I also bring my ear buds just incase I have to choke someone out.

Fingernail clippers

I’m a nail care junkie - I don’t leave the house without my long term fingernail clippers (of 5+ years) and, of course, cuticle oil. I’ve actually used these clippers to remove itchy tags from my clothes or random odd things in instances where I may have needed scissors on the go

Aaquaphor advance therapy

This is multipurpose. I use it everywhere - it’s a thick, waxy moisturizing ointment, essentially for tattoo care. I started using it on my face after getting tatted “△“ on my nape and it healed all scars, marks and unnecessary flaws. It makes the skin look and feel (be mindful) like a glazed buttery doughnut. Haha! It absorbs though. I use it on my lips and hands regularly. Mine is the travel size that comes in a tube!


Food, water, underground, above ground, walking, running, skipping, dodging, breathing, adjusting, talking, smiling, touching. All of this is wearing the skin down and that includes the face and lips so, I lipgloss it. Sometimes I use lipgloss as a natural highlighter on my cheeks.

Compact mirror

It’s mandatory. I use to go everywhere without a mirror because I thought my Snapchat camera would have my back if anything happened to my face. Like the random fuzz-on-the-cheek situation or the good ol’ eyelash in the f*cking eye. Then one night, I’m meeting up with Kim at a concert in Brooklyn and something flew straight into my corneal so, I officially understood the term tunnel vision and made the necessary changes in items to bring with me everywhere I go. Get a compact mirror.

Fragranced oil / perfume

Since I use a few different oils, I haven’t needed to reapply any fragrances or worry about body odor. I literally smell amazing, yeah, even when I sweat. But, just in case I am in need of a refresher, I bring it. I also just love the scent - I’m asked all the time what I’m wearing and I’m prepared to whip it out.. along with my metro card as I am a New York Girl with places~to~be.

— Talia