Bum Bum

I think once I move into the city, it'll start making sense and I will be less extreme because look, this is way past due. I am not friends with the enemy. I acknowledge our differences and I back off. I'm not clingy. I'm intelligent. I'm strong. People are liars. I confronted your fake uncle and he started making up a delusional alternative story to what actually happened. I don't know if he's serious. I don't know if he cares. I tried calling your Mom. I blew her phone into oblivion. She didn't answer. The point is, you will never find anyone better than me. Do you see me associating with anyone you know? Look at my circle. Look at my friends and family. Look at my following, these people are clean cut and sophisticated as fuck. They don't have that dirty jersey swag, that "I'm about that life but I'm not making a life" swag. The truth is, I don't let people into my space. I don't like anyone in my presence. I don't belong here. I know what I'm doing. I know if I'm causing drama or not. I know if I'm over the top or not. Keep excusing your loved ones behavior like I give an actual fuck what the miscommunication was, is or will become. I'm current, I'm here for the time being and I have things to do. It's not okay for you to show up at my building, intoxicated with marks and incisions on your wrists and face. I reached out to you to set boundaries. I did not ask for any of this. I never told you to be with her. I hate her for her ugly personality and her sense in resolving issues by putting her hands on people and resorting to unnecessary aggression and the list goes on from bitch to whore to young to yuck. I will always hold you accountable for everything that went wrong. I made no mistake. My shit is flawless. I saw it all happen. In the end, I told you that you'll be okay. We had our time. Still, you're not shining and you're not happy. And these people are not for you. But you're not for me. You unblocked me but, I blocked you, you won't see this but, I always see you. Goodbye's come in all forms and fashions. This is one of them. 

— Talia