Cello & Acid Denim

Ok, I'm still couch/house surfing in NYC if anyone is willing to have me while I continue to pursue fashion and modern media. I'm not embarrassed to own up to the fact that I don't see myself settling down in a home any time soon and I do have the will/drive to keep going! Clearly. I'm also collecting detailed note of how people treat me and interact with me as I navigate this chapter in my life. I'm mixed between humbly disappointed and obnoxiously appreciative. I'm on day 9 of detox from all the unnecessary food and sweets I was eating upon not taking my fitness as seriously as I thought to. I wanted to reset my metabolism and maintain my body. And ayy! I was photographed in Brooklyn yesterday as planned and am beginning to take on the "models mentality" in a healthier manner while also keeping my own independent productivity consistent. My skin finally cleared up and I'm welcoming opportunities of happiness, fulfillment and friendship rather than the obsession with glamour and superficiality. I'm currently finding ways to do my outfit of the days and have a sneaking suspicion it will come to fruition in a neat new establishment. For now, the mirror at Forever21 works? Ehh. It could pass as a really large closet in some instances. And it goes to my aesthtic. 

— Talia