Pouty Peachy (Natural Brows & Highlight)

I have not been in the mood to pluck my brows so I’m letting them grow back and have stepped up my highlighting game once again, yes, even though I swore I didn’t like doing too much during the winter, why not? My face is moisturized enough with all the aquaphor, I can basically get away with a full on mask... I’ve said it before, makeup protects my face from the city’s environment and being underground, in the train, etc etc.. And it’s nice to just look nice when I’m out and about like, I never know who I’ll meet or better yet, “bump” into. Speaking of seeing people and wanting to look my best, I’m currently doing a  c l e a n s e and getting my omega 3 back in check! I miss being toned and I can’t blame my fitness on the fact that I’m vegan. I use to eat a lot of salmon but, I’ve never felt more refreshed and health conscious since making the transition plus, it’s an obvious fact that my skin and beauty have evolved overall. 

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— Talia

highlight: jesses girl pure pigment eye dust pixie dust, lipstick: ruby kisses forever matte liquid lipstick dune, foundation: la girl pro coverage illuminating foundation, cheeks: covergirl trublend bronzer and ruby kisses all over glow, eyes: ace beaute quintessential eyeshadow palette, lashes: nyx za za zou boudoir mascara