I’m so ready to get a brain transplant that removes people from my long term memory because at this point, it only makes sense. I’ve been doing so well and on my own, I hope nobody is too worried. I’m just becoming more and more like me with no outside influence and control. I do not miss reporting to people about everything I do, even what I’m eating or what my latest skincare is. Like, I talk about all that online, anyway. In a nutshell, it’s all the same but better. I had lunch with my best friend today and even that set me in a different tone. I love her and miss her but, I’m so disconnected and it’s hard to be myself around people who use to know me. I think I kinda understand why men run away or hide. I get it. The need to reinvent oneself. Though there’s a difference in running and just being okay with yourself and where you’re at. That’s what I am. I know that if I see people from my past, I’d have the strength to handle it all with grace. I know this because today was that day. I’m just so random, though. Also, I hate wearing bras like, oh my god. I’ve not worn a bra since? Ugh. The only exception I’ll make is for a lace or fabric bralette; nothing with unnecessary padding and wire. Funny enough, my day attire is fucking tacky. I really think I’m watching too much Friends.

— Talia

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