Bookings & Modeling

This year, I moved on to primarily beauty and daily opportunities that would cultivate money doing what I love and in New York City, the place I love. For the first time, I have consistency in my life and I appreciate the way things have fallen into place. I love the people surrounding me but, I rely on myself. And I really keep a low profile to stick to my own work. It’s quiet and peaceful yet I haven’t had to give up my shine or dim my own aspirations. Last night, someone I barely remember working with dm’d me about “a designer, doing a project, and needing a model” — this person cut me off as soon as the designer contacted me and I responded by asking if there was payment involved. I have no problem doing shoots so long as I am being compensated with money. I was up front with them! Anyway, when I was with an agency, I was brainwashed into working for free to “build my portfolio” and I felt like it was putting me 10 steps back from my goals because it costed more than I was making. I disagreed to the labor, the whole experience was short lived and I guess because I never announced that I decided to quit modeling, most people didn’t catch on to what I was doing or believed in. If you want to work with me, I have rates and business to do, period. (Lmao) Suffice to say, I’m shooting for Women’s Wear Daily on Saturday! Follow me on Twitter and keep up with my Instastory

— Talia