My First Experience with a High Fashion Modeling Agency in NYC

First of all, people don’t know what I’ve done or what I’ve tried in life and yet, they are always imposing on me what I “should be” and “should do.”

I am doing what I want to be doing. I am happy in who I am. 

I’m here for myself, not you

In 2017, I tried out modeling. I was with a fashion agency made up of 10-15 individuals who all had my email address, phone number and personal information and were harassing me with texts about doing free photoshoots, for the majority of the time. And “since I was staying at their housing,” they were entitled to all of my earnings from the projects I “booked” through their agency.

I would contact them with questions and concerns but they detoured a lot of issues and told me “this is how the industry works.” Lmao, basically, I’m suppose to play dumb, knowing that the cost of the agency’s accommodations were higher than the cost of the shit they booked me for, making it impossible for me to make any money of my own.

After many emails and in person discussions about my career, they stopped representing me. They told me I had to leave the apartment “by tomorrow,” knowing I had nowhere else to go.

I didn’t make an announcement on social media. I didn’t bash the company. I was just annoyed that they always told me to talk to them and open up to them but, as soon as they were forced to answer to me, there was drama.

The agency never paid me for my time, money and/or image. The agents would complain that my book was weak when they were the ones telling me to do all these tacky photoshoots. I would spend money on public transportation to get to all the places they wanted me to go. They would say things like “Every model has to go through this.”

I disagreed so hard...

We live in the real world. I’m not about to “be nice” or settle for words of encouragement and the things I have to endure to “make it.” People are crazy and people are very stupid. And at the end of the day, I’m busy doing me.

Fuck your agency

Moving forward, I started negotiating my own rate and standards for what work should be. I’m learning about finances, saving and money management. I am a mini businesswoman. I keep a baseline of income and I continue doing business with respectable photographers, designers, makeup artists and brands that provide realistic opportunities and income for me. 

For any body who wants to play me, take advantage of me or betray me:

Peace out.

— Talia