What’s In My Skincare Bag

Do a little scavenging in the skincare section at any local Burlington’s, TJ-Maxx or Marshall’s and learn a lot about all the amazingly cheap products on the market for various skin-types.

I always find all of my favorite serums and oils at department stores! And I also enjoy when I come across new products to try but, I really don’t stray too far from the main “ingredients” used to keep my face A1 (aside from water!)

I create my own step by step regime with a layer of zit treatment, anti-aging, toning and moisturizer every single day and night — what works for me may not work for everyone, though...

Good luck! Please feel free to post any questions/comments below in the “comments section!” 

— Talia


For Aging and Wrinkle Prevention: Collagen, Rose


For Inflammatory, Redness and “Zit” Treatment: Tea Tree Oil


For Even Skin Tone and Brightening: Vitamin C


For Natural White Teeth: Activated Charcoal Powder


Tip: I use my powdered toothpaste with an oral b sensi-soft toothbrush for a good 60 seconds, twice a day. The only downside is charcoal is very messy and it takes a few rinses to get all the black out my mouth but the whitening is worth it.

For Thick Eye Brows and Eye Lashes: Castor Oil


Tip: I dip a disposable eyelash brush (spoolie) into castor oil, comb a thin layer through eyelashes and eyebrows then use an eyelash curler for a natural lift. I noticed a major difference after 3-5 days.